Subj: Virgin Atlantic 2004...still appalling
   Date: 17/03/2004 12:36:43 GMT Standard Time
   Sent from the Internet

   Dear Virgin Lies
   Well, I am VERY surprised that your website is not 1000 times bigger than it currently is.  I know many people now who HATE Virgin.
   I have flown with Virgin once before (my second trip is five weeks away!!!).   The first trip let me encounter the rudest and least helpful air crew I have ever encountered.  I was shocked, I expected so much more from Virgin Atlantic.   They were obviously inconvenienced by my one request to have a glass of water.  I mean it is common to get thirsty on a 12 hour flight!
   This time around my girlfriend pleaded that we fly BA or SAA to Cape Town.  I chose the 'best' deal which was with Virgin!   Well having booked direct flights in Jan 2004 I have been informed that I will fly back via Jo'burg and that the flight is no longer direct. (this is in May)
   As a result my girlfriend and I have an additional 4 hrs travel time and both lose a days work ( we have had to take unpaid leave for part of the holiday!).  This therefore costs us over £100 each.
   I would never had booked an indirect flight!
   Anyway, my complaint is that Virgin do not give a shit!  They are not willing to compensate in anyway for the lost work or time. They were rude and unsympathetic in the customer care department.  They basically told me to piss off.  I am never flying Virgin again...they are a bunch of cowboys!
   Funnily enough I have worked at numerous Virgin businesses as an external consultant.  I am happy to say that most are heavily loss making.. May the day come soon that the Virgin empire comes crashing down and is exposed for the sham it really is!
   I realise that my experience is not as serious as some I have seen on your website...but it is worth pointing out!

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