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Mr Edward Phillips
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19 December 1999.

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Dear Mr Branson,

In 1997 I wrote several letters to you in which I related the details of how my family and I suffered at the hands of your Captain and Crew on arrival in Miami Florida, that was on the 14 February 1997. I asked that my family and I be interviewed before an investigation was started. I did request an investigation at the highest level. We never got the interview, we never got a proper investigation and we never got a reply from Richard Branson.

What we did get was a string of lies and deceit from your Customer Relations Department. I can't blame them too much as they are only obeying instructions from your legal department.

My family and I were the victims of a monstrous conspiracy organised by your In Flight Supervisor Ms Lorna Gayle. She conspired with four other female Flight Attendants of Virgin Atlantic Airways to have an innocent passenger arrested on false allegations of sexually molesting these five trusted stewardesses. They lied to their Captain Tony Slaney. They lied to the Miami Airport Police and they lied to two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI agents investigating these allegations of sexual molestation did not believe your Flight Attendants as I and my family were released without any charges and told to have a good vacation.

Your Captain Tony Slaney is not to be admired for his part in this sorry tale. He called the Police without ever speaking to me. Neither Captain Slaney or any officer or member of the crew approached me at any time. How a responsible Captain could take such action without any thought for the consequences of imprisonment and deportation for that passenger is just amazing. It just reflects on the low quality of Virgin Atlantic Airways from the Captain of an Aircraft to the Cabin Crew to Customer Relations and even your legal department not forgetting the Managing Director Steve Ridgway and the Chairman Richard Branson.. As Terry Thomas would have said "An absolute shower".

After my complaint was lodged with you and Virgin Atlantic Airways a decision was made by a Virgin Atlantic Official to protect the crew members involved and not to offer an apology to the wronged passenger. After I had made such a serious complaint about the behaviour of your crew to you Mr Branson I was not even asked for my side of the story. It seems that I was not going to get justice from the Virgin Organisation. Please note these words - If Virgin Officials know the truth and are guilty of a cover-up then the conspiracy organised by Lorna Gayle has now widened to include your cohorts and you Mr Branson Yes I accuse you of being involved in the coverup.

It seems that the only way to get justice was to take Virgin Atlantic to court. Litigation was started in the USA. At my own expense. Your lawyers managed to fight off any court appearance claiming the protection of the Warsaw Convention.

I wrote to your managing director Steve Ridgway in which I mentioned that if I was guilty of the allegations made against me I surely wouldn't spend a lot of money taking your Airline to court. After all that is not the usual behaviour of a guilty person unless he is mad. I also mentioned in my letter to Steve Ridgway that I had organised a Website This being the only way I had to hit back at the big corporation who do not answer my letters. Two days later your lawyers Harbottle and Lewis threatened the English Webhosting Company with legal action and closed the Website down. I am glad to say that this bullying technique did not work with the American firm who are Hosting the Website now.

Mr Branson I have travelled with your Airline a number of times. In general I have no complaints. In the case of the Lorna Gayle Conspiracy this has been badly handled by your executives from the start. Who made the decision to fob me off and protect the crew? Was it you Mr Branson? Was it Steve Ridgway? Somebody in your organisation did make that decision.

Instead of using your lawyers to make legal threats against me what you should have done was to have taken legal action against the five female flight attendants who conspired and lied to put an innocent passenger in prison. These trusted Flight Attendants are employed to look after the well being of the passengers. If you protect them it means you have given them A LICENSE TO ABUSE PASSENGERS.

You are anxious to give the public the impression that you are some sort of White Knight a good guy who is only interested in the care of your customers.. You have made statements on the media that passengers who are guilty of AIR RAGE should be punished and banned from every airline in the World. Actually I do agree with that 100 per cent. What about aircrew members who are guilty of AIRCREW RAGE? That they can be so drunk with the power that they wield they can abuse and frame passengers and accuse passengers of criminal acts, which are not true. What about Airlines who then protect these air crew? I am of course referring to you and VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS.

I am surprised that you Mr Branson after receiving my letters did not get to the bottom of this yourself. My wife handed you a letter when you opened the Virgin Mega Store on the Kings Road Chelsea. We received a reply not from you but from your Customer Relations Department who assured us that you were aware of our case. So you do know all about this conspiracy!

In Flight Supervisor Lorna Gayle and the other four who naively supported her have got away with it up to now. I do believe that conspiracy to falsely accuse a fare-paying passenger of sexual molestation on an aircraft is a crime. These criminals are your trusted employees. Why are you so keen to protect the criminals?

The contempt and arrogance that you have shown my family is probably an indication of how you intend to run the Peoples Lottery. If something goes wrong, sweep it under the table. Cover-up.

I do not want to be malicious. I just want justice for the criminal act perpetrated by your In Flight Supervisor Lorna Gayle and her Gang of Five with the easy co-operation of Captain Tony Slaney. There are principals involved. I cannot believe that any passenger can be safe when you are employing crews of this calibre.

It is my intention to continue in my campaign against you and Virgin Atlantic Airlines until I am assured of a proper investigation and an apology from you. Your Legal Department has threatened me with the Tort of Malicious Falsehood regarding the statements on my website It must be obvious to anybody that Virgin Atlantic Airlines has got a lot more money than me to bring a legal action. Why donít you bring that action? The whole point of this letter is to once again plead with you personally for a proper investigation and a report to me on the outcome.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Phillips.



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