Subj:V.A. Complaint..
   Date:27/01/03 20:43:06 GMT Standard Time
   Sent from the Internet

   I recently arrived back from London and had the (((EXTREME MIS-FORTUNE))) of
   flying on Virgin Atlantic for my round trip journey from Dulles to London.

   Flying to London on a V.A. 747 Economy was the most uncomfortable flight
   anyone could possibly endure.  The seat "Pitch" is POOR, and the food tastes
   like it is straight out of the microwave.  The flight attendants were surly,
   except for a pleasant few.

   Flying back to Dulles on an Airbus-340 the seat "Pitch" was a little better,
   the food was fair, but the flight attendants were without a doubt the worst
   group of so called "Attendants" I have experienced in 30 years of
   Inter-Continental air travel.  The flight crew was far more interested in
   gossip, and their break(s), then any passenger in Economy class.

   <IMO> Economy class on Virgin Atlantic is great if you happen to enjoy being
   treated like a farm animal.

   The only positive thing I can say about Virgin Atlantic is that the plane
   didn't plunge into the Atlantic Ocean.

   Needless to say, I WILL NEVER fly this  airline AGAIN!!!


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