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   Date:15/01/03 14:44:48 GMT Standard Time
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  I have flown twice with Virgin Atlantic and will do my best never to travel with them again.

  I have diabetes and I advised Virgin Atlantic's medical section of this each time I travelled. On my first flight with them, to Los Angeles in
  1997, I asked a flight attendant for some water. This was some eight hours into the flight and several hours after a meal had been served.

  "Can't you wait?" she said, obviously irritated. "We're serving drinks in 40 minutes".

  The second time was on a flight back from Los Angeles in 2001. Because of my diabetes and other health conditions requiring that I maintain
  good circulation to my feet, I rang Virgin's medical section a couple of days before my flight requesting a bulkhead seat (as my GP and their
  UK medical section advised me to do). I was informed that this would not be a problem.

  On arrival at LAX, the check in staff told me that there was no record of my call and no bulkhead seats available. They asked me to ask again
  at the gate (which I did, again without success).

  When I returned to the UK, I sent a letter of complaint to Virgin Atlantic and was rewarded with a discount voucher for Virgin Sun holidays -
  a company that had ceased trading a couple of months earlier.

  Despite further e-mails to Virgin Atlantic Customer Services, I have received nothing further - not so much as an apology!

  I may be taking a walk to 11 Holland Park myself!


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