Subj:Your Website and Virgin
 Date:23/04/02 21:52:02 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Rowland Lindill)

My name is Rowland Lindill, I am a proud British born-and-breed citizen and a silver frequent flyer with Virgin Atlantic having clocked up almost 50,000 miles in just 15 months of flying with them.
 I have declared war on Virgin Atlantic.
  Why ??
I shall keep it short to start with it....... deal with facts and email further information if requested.

 A) I am allergic to nuts and was given a "nut-free" meal by Virgin Atlantic, on a transatlantic flight, that contained hazelnuts.
 B) I had a flight cancelled 7 weeks before departure..... I was never informed.

 C) I was denied a seat in premium economy despite there being 5 seats available. (Discrimination???)
 D) Trying to contact "Customer Relations" for 3 days non-stop...... only to get a recorded message each time that they are in a departmental meeting.

 The list continues...... and so do the Virgin lies.
 I have declared war. I will fight them on land, I will fight them in the air. I will not surrender.
 These bastards have f***ed me about one too many times and this Brit. is now pissed, ROYALLY PISSED !!!!
 I just thought you would be interested in hearing my complaints about virgin.

 Thanks, Rowland.

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