Email received at VirginAircrewLies late July 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
     My name is Ivana Kapulica.
     As I am writing these lines on July 21, 2006,  I am still stuck in
London with my six years old Sebastian after I've gotten bumped off the
flight #023 to L.A. _And that in the middle of the checkin in procedure
and after our seats were confirmed!!!  Namely, my son got his boarding
pass and then -- KA-BOOM!  Virgin's computer system  locked-up in the
middle of my boarding  procedure and wouldn't allow any further
passenger acceptance due to a one hour pre-flight time limitation on
 But wait a minute! _I was right there for 25 minutes, waiting
in the line after I managed to make it off my connecting flight an to
their counter._  And, hey, you inapt apes, I can't let my 6 year old to
travel alone. That's illegal! "Too bad then", said the poker faced
check-in rep. as she trashed Sebastian's boarding pass and cynically
sent me on a wild goose chase to book another flight while putting us on
a stand-by. Others in a queue started clamoring, but to no avail.  After
they stuffed me in a cheesy hotel, I immediately dialed my husband in
L.A. who started furiously calling Virgin help lines. Customer relations
from New York advised him to call me back  right away and to tell me to
dash back to the airport in the middle of the night to terminal 3 to try
to re-schedule my tickets. OK., I took a cab, got there a few minutes
before their counter's closing time where, after vicious bickering and
cynical fighting, I somehow managed to mooch a confirmation for flight
#007 on July 22, 2006. I am hoping  to make it tomorrow. Right now I
still don't know for sure...

     Of course, this is not nearly all. I am just making a much longer
story short. VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRLINES SUCKS  --- thanks --- but no
thanks Sir Brunson! I shall not fly your airline ever again, not even if
you are the last man in the world, sir. I'll fly LUFTHANSA and  SWISS
and UNITED  and AMERICAN.  I'll even fly Joe Shmoe's airline rather than
flying yours... sir! I'll let all my frequent flying friends know about
this ordeal, too. And I shall keep on posting around the Internet for
some time. And, you know what? I  know that you don't give a damn.

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