Subj:Flight to Florida

   Date:18/11/02 13:48:24 GMT Standard Time
   Sent from the Internet

   My partner and I together with our daughter and my sisters family - (total 4
   adults 3 children) booked flights almost a year in advance from Manchester
   to Florida.

   A week before departure we were informed that a Virgin aircraft would not be
   available with a substitute (air florida 747) being provided.
   No seat back TV's no comfy plane. . .

   We were offered a refund ( try finding another flight in 7 days) and
   received 20 disney dollars per child.

   The thing that arrived was held together by green paint. My nephew dropped
   his gamboy and it fell through a hole in the bulkhead. on the way back my
   seat was faulty I said
   that an engineer had to fix it - I was told that my actions would delay the
   flight! !! . A surly chap with a spanner came onboard and did so. Another
   chap's seat would not go upright. He had to sit in the flight deck* for take
   off and landing.

   All letters to these comedians on return went unanswered.

   What a shower.

   Never, ever again.

   Andrew Boocock

* Comment by VirginAirCrewLies Webmaster - "Hope this doesn't lead to potential terrorists all complaining about the seating facilities".

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