Subj: rude staff on Las Vegas in premuim economy
Date: 18/01/01 01:49:28 Pacific Standard Time
From: (Keith Bemrose)

My wife and 3 year old girl and me on a flight to Las
On our recent flight to Las Vegas we paid our upgraded seat price, which in
my opinion is not much better than the tourist class, but double the price,
we had the mis-fortune to be next to the galley, our young baby was rudely
awakened by the staff banging and pulling items out from behind her chair,
this happened on 3 occasions, next our special meal request was forgotten,
so, not too bad on the way out, but I requested that on the way back, not to
give us the seat next to the galley, low and behold, we got the same seat,
again banging and pulling ensued again by the staff, then things started to
get worse, our food was brought, and upon opening the chicken dish, the
smell of carbolic and urine hit us, we called the flight attendant who took
it away, he returned to say ' the crew had all had a smell and they think
that there is nothing wrong with the smell' I replied, had you not heard the
expression' the customer is always right' ......I then said take it away and
let the crew eat it, we were not offered any substitute!, we then had a
little turbulence and the seat belt sign stayed on for the next 3 hours, a
customer in front complained, with.he said... how are you supposed to go to
toilet with the seat belt sign on for over three hours, the turbulence never
got any worse during the flight than a few shakes now and again, but ,as
soon as the attendant went into the galley, surprise , surprise the seat
belt sign went off!, yes the crew had decided to keep us all sat down so
they could do nothing, I have spoken to other crew members and some crews do
this, on purpose! they keep the seat belt sign in order to give the cabin
crew an easy flight!
I complained, but got a letter saying nothing in the way of explanation,

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