Subj: Complaint
   Date: 26/06/01 13:57:44 GMT Daylight Time
   From: (Tom Tarpon)

   On June 8, 2001 my husband and I flew flight 76Q from Orlando Fl, to
   Manchester England. This was a horrendous flight to say the least. The Pilot
   informed us that he was putting on the seat belt sign and to remain in our
   seats as he was going to fly through a severe storm rather than fly around
   it due to the fact it was time saving to do so in his opinion! We
   encountered drops and turbulence that caused children to urinate and
   defecate on themselves not to mention the screaming from both children and

   Our attendant would not allow parents to assist their children to the
   toilets and made them remain seated. The smell was horrendous to say the
   least. We had to demand that the toilets and our seating area be sprayed for
   the smell. Our attendant reported to us that this was without doubt the most
   horrific flight she had ever encountered during her career.
   Once that settled down, the horror story continued.

   For some reason I was seated in row 37 right in front of the Emergency Exit
   Door which protruded out so far that I had little to no room for my right
   leg. This seat would have been better suited for a child at best. To expect
   an adult to sit at this location for an international flight is absurd!!!!

   Our beverages were not served with our meals and we had to wait some 30
   minutes or longer for our area to be cleaned. This meant that passengers
   were leaving trays in the floor in order to go to the toilet. The toilets
   were not cleaned or serviced during our flight and the smell would make a
   person with the strongest of stomachs gag. Why is it an Airline can serve
   alcohol non stop on a flight but they cannot provide Lysol for the smell and
   germs in their toilets?

   During the early morning hours I tried to get a few minutes of rest, only to
   have the flight attendant laughing and chatting with 2 other passengers
   right at the toilet area right beside my seating area! I had to tell them to
   quiet down! Shouldn't it be the other way around? Are not the attendants the
   one's to keep passengers not only well taken care of but to insure their
   comfort during the flight?

   This was our first flight with Virgin Atlantic and I must say our last!
   I have tired to contact Customer Relations since June 9th 2001 to no avail.
   I have logged a complaint on the web site for Virgin Atlantic and no
   response. I then decided to contact Passenger Rights and in addition contact
   the Better Business Bureau.

   Some one has to stand up for travellers and enforce our rights when an
   Airline ignores our complaints and needs.

   If we don't voice our horror stories no one will ever be an informed
   consumer and be in the position to make the right choice and choose a better

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