Subj:Don't be tall if you're flying Virgin Atlantic......
   Date:12/12/02 13:10:24 GMT Standard Time
   Sent from the Internet

   I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney on Virgin Blue, a Domestic carrier
   in Australia, 50% owned by Virgin. It was my first experience with
   Virgin. When I approached the check in desk, the girl looked at me, and
   given that I am 196cm (6'6") in height, asked if I would like an exit
   row providing much needed and appreciated leg room. The one hour flight
   was on a Boeing 737-800, so the extra room was negligible, but the
   thought was there and I was extremely grateful.

   36 hours later, having flown to London with another carrier, I was on
   my way to Barbados with Virgin Atlantic. My partner (5'10") and I
   arrived at Gatwick 4 hours early to give ourselves the best opportunity
   of getting an exit row.

   Point 1 - The girl at the check in desk could learn some lessons in
   customer service from her 'virgin sister' in Melbourne.

   Point 2 - and more importantly - I was told that the exit row seats
   come at a premium of £50 per seat, hence an additional £200 on to the
   cost of our holiday. I was too shocked to argue the point, so accepted
   a regular seat for the 8 hour flight.

   When I arrived at the gate, I approached one of the staff and asked if
   there were any exit rows available. Upon checking on her computer, we
   were assigned 38A and 38B at no additional cost. I sat next to a nice
   lady all the way to Barbados who paid £50 for 38C. I didn't have the
   heart to tell her.

   Why do Virgin Atlantic only assign common sense to some of their staff?

   John Cornish

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