Subj:Horror Story
 Date:23/05/02 10:10:50 GMT Daylight Time
 From:    Steve@******* (Steve Milne)
 To: ('')

 I recently decided to fly Virgin Upper class on a business trip from Hong Kong to London, the outward journey was fine until I arrived at the Upper Class arrivals club at Heathrow.  I was being met at the club by 2 chaps who were delivering a BMW to me for my trip.  When I explained this to the old hag at the club house she went off on one telling me it was for Upper Class passengers only and they couldn't come in, anyway after 20 mins or so of explaining in very simple English to this idiot she agreed that the guys could come into deliver the keys but I was not allowed to offer them a drink ! This sounds ludicrous but its all true.

The return journey was however the crowning glory of this trip, Virgin boast of the new seats that turn into a bed, a major selling point for any business trip, my seat failed to operate and basically collapsed before dinner, I had to stand up for 20 mins until the technician arrived (after 20 mins of fumbling by a retarded member of cabin crew), I was told that the technician was fixing the entertainment system, I reminded this idiot that surely a passenger having no seat is a bit more pressing than a TV ! eventually this guy came and assured me all was well, it wasn't, I sat down and again collapse, the senior cabin crew moron then arrived and told me "She could always downgrade me............." at this point I saw red and she knew she had overstepped the mark, there is nothing wrong with flying economy if that's the limit of your budget but when traveling on business given the competition I was amazed at her comments, anyway her idea of compensating me was to offer me a bottle of aftershave !

The seat was never fixed and after dinner I was put to bed like a child as the technician needed his rest too, I was then woken up and had my seat put upright,

What a joke, I will never allow any of my staff to fly with these jokers again, it really is back to BA for me and my Staff.

 I would really appreciate if you forwarded this email to Mr Branson, love to hear his comments.

Many regards

 Stephen James Milne

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