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Subj: Re: Virgin Is Shat
Date: 27/07/03 02:39:31 GMT Daylight Time
From: M***********

Sadly I work for Virgin Atlantic Airways and they have screwed their call center employees over more than once. They fired too many people, when I started working there, there was at least 100 people, now there are 45. People have been quitting and getting fired. more people are going to be quitting today, cause they're making more than half of the agents work from 3:30pm till 11:30pm.

They don't even care if you have kids, as long as you can answer the forsaken phones and sell the product. they MAKE us LIE every frigging day. I may actually get fired for coming in ONE MINUTE LATE. Yeah, just one minute, but my being late ONE minute costs them, what? Two cents? Its not like we make money there anyways.

They fired a manager the other day, do you know how they did it?
They stole his I.D. badge, and he thought he had lost it.
He had worked there for 15 years, and they just up and fired him cause the said "you haven't done $h!t (they actually said that, I was there, I watched it happen) for 15 years, if you put Virgin on your resume' we will tell whomever calls that you didn't do anything for 15 years" that is ridiculous, that is illigal isn't it?

They're thinking of lowering the new class's pay, but get this. the new class already quit. there was a woman who had previously worked for Delta, she spent one week in the call center and then stood up and screamed "this is BULL @#$!". she threw her cards down and walked out.

A lot of people have been doing that lately, because everyone is now realizing that its a waste. I was talking to a co worker today and he said it is the "bottom of the barrel, the worst job one could have" and that he was "happy to be leaving this h#$%hole."

They're supposedly sending us to London to get trained, but they're justifying that we get paid next to nothing because "you got to go on upper class on the way there"

They won't let us help out customers.

I am young and this is my first job, and I'm about ready to quit and go on unemployment for the rest of my life, cause I seriously fear that every place is going to be as messed up as here.

But somehow I doubt that place is as screwed up as Virgin. If Branson knew what amazingly retarted management the U.S. office had, he'd probably still do nothing. We can't even email our boss, cause he's too busy doing this or that. You know, my friend got Courtney Love on the phone, and she really is a crazy tart. Amazing how one can pull such crap on a plane and STILL get free tickets.

You're site is accurate, Virgin is the worst airline. Ever.


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